About us

A Word from Our Senior Vice President

A Word from Our Senior Vice President Savvy was formed in June of 2014 based in Aurora, Colorado. Our Co-Founder came from over 20 years of Large Reconstruction Project Mgmt. and his Partner from the Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Family Roofing Industry. With this combination, Savvy Roofing Solutions was born. The abundance of roofing needs in Colorado, whether it was Residential, Commercial, or Multi-Family -the projects always tended to evolve into a great need to include the ancillary items and beyond, i.e. Gutterwork, Trim, Siding, Painting, and the need for Structural Repairs. Savvy, in-turn, sought and achieved its General Contracting License in September of 2014.

Fast forward to today, Savvy Construction now has been divided to conquer 3 Divisions: Savvy General Construction, Savvy Roofing Solutions, and Savvy Concrete Design. Being a Local, Family Owned and Operated General Contractor, I was blessed to be named their Sr. Vice President in May of 2016. With a dual degree in Building Construction & Business Mgmt. -I’ve sought to retain many Trade Licenses and Certificates throughout my career that now make Savvy stronger than ever! I come from over a decade of Apartment Portfolio Mgmt., and Multi-Family Construction Mgmt. – beginning as a Certified Construction Manager, I have been intimately involved in some of the largest $10 million plus Reconstruction Projects. We know the processes and the challenges from Estimating to Executing and all the time and effort owners go through to get funding. We can help! Design, Engineering, Permitting, Estimating, and Full Execution – we take care of it all.

With the teams and trade partners we currently have in place, it is our goal to be able to take care of the smaller “Work Order” type repairs to the largest of projects. Full Roofing & Gutter Replacement, Building Façade Reconstruction, Construction Defect Repairs, Foundation Repairs, Property Amenity/Clubhouse Remodeling, and so much more. We retain EPA Licensed Tradesman, LEED Certified Executives, CPOs, Mold, Lead, & Asbestos abatement teams, etc. We can tackle the most intricate of projects!

The “Four Corners” of our firm’s foundation are absolutely paramount in a successful project, period! Planning, Scheduling, Workmanship, & Budgeting  from Concept to Completion, this is what makes a good job great!. Serving a market spanning from Fort Collins to CO Springs and now the Mountain Region of the I70 corridor, we hope you’ll give us a chance to show what we can do for you. I personally would be happy to sit down with any of Owner, Management, Board Members, Adjusters, Architects, Engineers, and Municipalities to answer any questions or to develop Preconstruction Matrices, Blueprints, etc. We are here at your service, eager to show you what a great company can do for you when Planning, Scheduling, Workmanship, & Budgeting are all held with the highest regard…

Michael W. Murcin, LEED, PEM
Sr. Vice President